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BioTrillion is a little startup with bold ambitions to more effectively and scalably advance healthcare – via Digital Biomarkers.

Our mission is to enable ordinary consumers with extraordinary health insights.

Data from Life.
Data for Life.™

Globally and annually, trillions of dollars are ineffectively spent on healthcare and trillions of life data points are ineffectively connected to insights about our health.  There is a better way.

Every human generates massive amounts of life data that will unlock novel health insights & interventions.

The cycle of getting data from life and getting data for life

We are developing a mobile health technology platform called BioEngine4D™ – to digitally detect drugs & diseases – by measuring data from life, analyzing it through computational advancements in machine vision and artificial intelligence, and applying it back for life.

Neurologic Impairment

Machine Eyes meet Human Eyes meet A.I.

What if 1 billion global human lives could be enabled with access to radically novel health insights – using only their smartphone?  The solution is looking at you everyday.

Neural Nets for Neural Insights

Our journey begins in Neurology.  The first set of digital biomarkers we are developing (and have developed) offer more immediate and scalable applications in Neurology for:

BioTrillion, Inc. began in 2018 with our headquarters in San Francisco, CA.  We are reimagining Life Sciences through the fundamental principles of many sciences.

Our mission is to enable Consumer technology to empower ordinary Consumers with extraordinary health abilities.  Advances in technology have amplified our individual capabilities in many domains, and healthcare should be no exception.



The world so often thinks of Healthcare as an industry, that it tends to forget about Healthcare as a purpose.

BioTrillion believes healthcare should be viewed as a time journey through every individual human life in three key chronological phases: the "Prevention," "Detection" and "Intervention" of diseases.

Sequential timeline of preventing, detecting, and intervening of health disorders
1% spent in medical setting

We spend less than 1% of our time in a Medical setting and hope the medical data generated there will lead to enhanced outcomes.  Medical data is abundant, but its format is siloed, unstructured, and intermittent.  As a result, a massive amount of Medical data is not being adequately connected to our healthcare.  Medical settings offer access to tremendous medical experience and clinically-validated diagnostics; however, their utility will always be fundamentally limited given the typical Consumer only spends < 1% of their total time in an actual Medical setting.

99% of time spend outside of medical setting

The Life setting provides access to something the Medical setting does not — that other 99% of time.  It is during this massive gap in time where the signs of developing diseases may be expressed, but go undetected, yielding both clinical and economic opportunities for much more effective (frequent, objective, quantitative) and scalable (accessible, affordable, convenient) consumer health solutions.  We believe health solutions of the future will come from within the Life setting, via LIFEdata™ (sensor-measured information generated from and around life) and its computationally analytic conversion to digital biomarkers.

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Today, life information is exponentially transitioning out of an analog world and into a digital one.  An increasing number of sensors in our smart devices are entering our Life setting and have the ability to capture many earlier signs of disease in the form of LIFEdata through multiple modalities.  These sensors are often disparate and thus limited in perspective when analyzed alone, yet are synergistic in value when analyzed interconnectedly.

Capture developing diseases using everyday technology

BioTrillion is focused on generating LIFEdata from these sensors along with aggregating labelled Medical data, and training BioEngine4D through machine learning and artificial intelligence to statistically and digitally measure disease development and disease response to drugs.

Transfer Lifedata to BioEngine4D and into Medical Data

BioEngine4D is being developed as a more effective and scalable health technology solution — for Consumers.  We aim to augment Consumers' own self-healthcare abilities, helping to bridge the gap between the Medical and Life settings.  Afterall, no one will care more for your health than you.

Advancements in technologies have been innovatively applied to many sectors, yielding radically new solutions to disrupt old problems, and healthcare should be no exception.  Within healthcare, the world is currently at a critical juncture wherein costs are rising (unsustainably) with little improvements in outcomes, necessitating technologically-driven innovations.  The future of healthcare will need to produce solutions that measure signs of disease much more frequently, objectively and quantitatively (by computers) and much more accessibly, affordably and conveniently (for consumers).  Solutions that — in retrospect — will make us realize that our health has been "in the dark" 99% of the time.

We believe that Data from Life should be Data for Life.


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COVID-19 has greatly impacted the world.  We wish our fellow startups that survive will emerge even stronger.  Moreover, COVID-19 is also accelerating the urgency of detecting disease signs — before becoming symptomatic. This has never been more important — for COVID-19 and for all time-sensitive diseases.   Digital biomarkers, a niche within digital health, holds the solution.

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