A New Era in Healthcare...

BioTrillion is a HealthAI Startup,

On a Mission to Radically Scale Healthcare,

By Applying Smartphone Technology to Human Physiology.

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"Vital Signs from Video Selfies"

What if better health was as simple as looking at your phone?

Traditional Healthcare:

Trillions of Dollars and Data Wasted

Medical settings account for only 1% of our time and space.  The data generated there, despite being abundant, remains siloed, unstructured, and intermittent.  Medical settings grant us access to essential healthcare expertise and diagnostics, but its utility will always be fundamentally limited while trapped within this narrow 1% health-time continuum.

Life settings provide access to that other 99% of our time and space.  It is during this much larger observational window where the signs of developing diseases will be expressed, but will often go missed, even dismissed.  Future health technologies that are able measure our health from our Life settings will unlock new capabilities on a scale orders of magnitude larger than today.

We believe healthcare should be viewed as a time journey through the personalized lens of every individual human life across three key chronological phases: the “Prevention,” “Detection,” and “Intervention” of diseases.


"Data from Life. Data for Life."™

BioTrillion has developed a digital biomarker technology platform called BioEngine4D™ — to digitally detect drugs & diseases — by capturing data from life, analyzing it with artificial intelligence and computer vision, and applying it back to solutions for life.

Advancing Health Monitoring:
From Hospital to Home to Hand

Our focus resides at the intersection of software (our AI-powered computer vision), hardware (existing smartphone cameras), and physiology (your eyes and face).

Your eyes and face store more embedded health information than any other visible area of your body.  By applying our AI-trained computer vision, we can measure vital signs from subtle features in your eyes and face with smartphone cameras, which already meet over 100x a day.

This innovative combination allows us to measure multiple vital signs for various diseases, all with the smartphones that 4 billion of us already carry.  No new hardware unlocks unprecedented scalability — to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

The applications span from early disease detection to accelerated drug development, and even reach industries beyond healthcare.


Ever thought about the health insights a simple selfie could reveal? Thanks to cutting-edge technology, BioTrillion can now extract key health vitals from minuscule features in a 10-second selfie video. This data can be harnessed to deliver innovative health insights to users or remote healthcare providers, transforming the way we deliver care.

Using the smartphone you carry every day, you hold a convenient tool for improving your health and well-being, offering health insights earlier in the continuum than traditional medical checkups.

You ironically look at part of the solution every day.

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About Us:


BioTrillion, Inc. began in San Francisco, CA by reimagining life sciences through the fundamental principles of many sciences.

Our mission is to unlock the power of smartphone technology to enable over 1 billion ordinary people with access to extraordinary health insights.

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Future of Healthcare

Advances in technology have amplified our individual capabilities in many domains, and healthcare should be no exception.  After all, no one will care more for your health than yourself.

Future of Health


You’ve studied and worked hard to become one of the best in your field.  Apply your talents to radically improving life and longevity for over 1 billion people across the planet.


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