Welcome to the Era of Computational Physiology.

BioTrillion is a Life Sciences AI Startup,

On a Mission to Radically Scale Healthcare,

By Applying Smartphone Technology to Human Physiology.

What If...

...there was a way to scale healthcare directly to the people, using the technology they already have at their fingertips? Enter a revolutionary mobile health solution – the Healthy SelfieTM.

Trillions of Dollars and Data are Ineffectively Used in Today’s Traditional Healthcare:

Healthcare should be viewed as a time journey through the personalized lens of every individual human life across three key chronological phases: the “Prevention,” “Detection” and “Intervention” of diseases.

We, consumers, spend less than 1% of our lifetime in a medical setting and continue to hope that the medical data generated there will lead to advanced health outcomes. The problem however is that such data, while abundant, is far too often siloed, unstructured, and intermittently generated.

As a result, a massive amount of medical data is not being adequately connected to our healthcare, nor improving our health costs or health outcomes.  Medical settings offer important access to incredibly valuable healthcare expertise, and clinically validated diagnostics; however, their utility remains fundamentally limited by this 1% health-time continuum perspective.

The life setting provides access to that other 99% of our time. It is during this massive observational window where the signs of developing diseases will be expressed, but will often go dis(missed), yielding both clinical and economic opportunities for much more efficient (timely, convenient, affordable) and effective (quantitative, accurate, scalable) healthcare solutions.

We believe health solutions of the future will come from within the life setting, via sensor measured life data and its computationally physiologic conversion to digital biomarkers.


"Data from Life. Data for Life."™

Our human bodies emit a massive amount of signs; and if innovatively measured as life data, can unlock novel health insights and inventions.

BioTrillion is developing a mobile health technology platform called BioEngine4D™ – to digitally detect drugs & diseases – by measuring this data from life, analyzing it through computational advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision, and applying it back to solutions for life.

Your Health:
Beyond your Hospital, Beyond your Home,
In your Hand

Our current focus is at the intersection of hardware (smartphone cameras), software (AI-based computer vision) and anatomy (eyes and face), which naturally intersect in our daily lives, often 100x per day, everyday.

The combination is an explosion of new digital biomarkers for many diseases — now so conveniently measurable with the very device that 3 billion of us carry and use multiple times every day – requiring no new hardware.

The health applications range from earlier disease detection to accelerated drug development.

And our solution offers unprecedented scalability – from or for – Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

"Healthy Selfie"

Have you ever stopped to think about what information a simple selfie could contain about your health?  With advances in technology, it is now possible to extract milliscale data from a 10 second video taken with a smartphone. This data can be used to deliver novel health insights to users or remote healthcare providers, revolutionizing the way we deliver care.

BioTrillion's technology utilizes that smartphone in your pocket to deliver care at a much greater scale, earlier in the healthcare continuum than is possible with traditional medical checkups.  By using the device you already carry with you every day, we can offer a convenient and accessible solution for improving your health and well-being."

You ironically look at part of the solution every day.

About Us:

The Future of Healthcare

Consider how today's healthcare system attempts to detect and track developing diseases, or even regressing diseases (in response to new drugs in clinical trials)...
…and how we could do this in the future.

BioTrillion's first 5 digital biomarkers optically measure the function of your 3 most "vital" organs – brain, heart, and lungs – using only a smartphone.

Our Mission

BioTrillion, Inc. began in 2018 with our headquarters in San Francisco, CA.  We are reimagining Life Sciences through the fundamental principles of many sciences.

Our mission is to unlock the power of smartphone technology to empower 1 billion ordinary consumers with the ability to measure extraordinary physiologic insights.  The applications – both inside and outside of Healthcare – will create multiple, massive new markets.

Advances in technology have amplified our individual capabilities in many domains, and healthcare should be no exception.  After all, no one will care more for your health than yourself.


You’ve studied and worked hard to become one of the best in your field.  Apply your talents to making a positive impact on human health and longevity for over 1 billion humans.


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