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”We so often think of Healthcare as an industry that we tend to forget about Healthcare as a purpose.”

Healthcare should be viewed as a time journey through the lens of an individual human's life across three key chronological phases of the health continuum: “Prevention,” “Detection,” and “Intervention.”

Our traditional Healthcare industry is largely concentrated in the post-symptomatic "Intervention" phase, with services and products oriented around diagnostics and therapeutics.

Phases of Health-Continuum

We spend less than 1% of our time in a medical setting, yet 99% of health “solutions” exist there.  Consumers lack solutions for the Detection phase of the health continuum — between Disease Origination and Symptoms.

For centuries, much of healthcare has been confined to a medical setting – creating physical barriers and narrow time windows – impeding accessibility and immediacy.

Ineffective Measures of Diseases

No one will have a greater interest in your health than you.

For most of our healthcare, we depend on Providers, each of whom clinically manage hundreds of Patients and Payers, each of whom financially manage millions of Patients.  Providers and Payers are crucial to the system, but should they always be required to access even basic insights into our individual health status?

Payers possess the financial resources needed to access Providers, and Providers possess the tools and clinical knowledge needed to provide healthcare; yet, Patients have remained at the periphery of this paradigm with limited alternatives.

Empowering consumers’ own healthcare abilities

Consumer healthcare has recently been undergoing a seismic shift. Over the past few years, the "consumerization" of healthcare has accelerated dramatically.

We believe the next evolution of consumer healthtech innovations will expand from "Prevention" into "Detection."

We are currently at the nexus of multiple disruptive technological and societal changes that have enabled BioTrillion’s mission to be realized.

Technology continues to unleash smart devices with increasingly powerful sensors which, if enabled, can also measure physiologic signs emitted from our body - outside of a medical setting.  The signs can be quantified as LIFEdata and computationally converted into digital biomarkers to detect diseases.

And society is increasingly demonstrating desires for consumer convenience and independence from traditionally physical and centralized gatekept paradigms.

Enabling Technologies and Evolving Societies

Advancements in technologies have been innovatively applied to many sectors, yielding radically new solutions to disrupt old problems, and healthcare should be no exception.

Within healthcare, the world is currently at a critical juncture wherein costs are rising (unsustainably) with little improvements in outcomes, necessitating technologically-driven innovations.  The future of healthcare will need to produce solutions that measure signs of disease much more frequently, objectively and quantitatively (by computers) and much more accessibly, affordably and conveniently (for consumers).  Solutions that — in retrospect — will make us realize that our health has been "in the dark" 99% of the time.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” — Henry Ford

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